“Its only rock & roll…” 

I began my career as a rock radio air personality experiencing the amazing music, and rockstar lifestyle first hand.  As a promotions manager, I loved the creativity of conceptualizing ideas and then seeing them come to life, entertaining people on a real life canvas.

My passion for rock&roll music, the rock&roll lifestyle, entertainment, and parties created PartiesLikeARockstar,  a “rock inspired” events.parties.entertainment agency overflowing with vision, creativity and passion for the 80‘s.  Party Like A Rockstar !!!

We will make your party or event  truly unique with your own customizedROCKSTAR” theme.

From invitations to souvenir gift bags, we handle every detail to make your event rock !

If you are looking for an 80‘s hairband inspired party , a true “backstage experience”, your own “rockstar” concert…  Just tell us your “ROCKSTAR” fantasy” and you too can Party Like A Rockstar!!!   We will custom design an unforgettable experience.

Bill Hershy